AstroBin Gallery Widget for Wordpress




 V1.1: download

 V1.0: obsolete, must be replaced by V1.1



AstroBin Gallery Widget for Wordpress is a plugin written in PHP that displays pictures from AstroBin into a Wordpress widget. To make this widget running, a key and a secret for using Astrobin API are mandatory. They are free and easy to obtain from Astrobin request form.. The access to this request form is allowed for all registred Astrobin users: this registration is also free and easy.

Here are two examples using the widget:



Each thumbnail is linked with its own page on AstroBin. The title displayed with hover is the one defined by the user on AstroBin.



This widget must run with Wordpress 3.3 and higher and php 5.2 and higher. It has been tested with:



  1. download
  2. import it into Wordpress
    • in admin plugin add news->upload
    • or unzip it into your Wordpress plugins folder
  3. activate the plugin
  4. in apparence->widget drop the plugin shown below to the wanted zone(s)


Here is the panel for widget setting:


The following parameters can be set:

title: optional, the title used to identify the widget in the blog pages

user: mandatory, the name of an AstroBin user who has a gallery

If you don't use your own gallery be sure to have author's agreement of the pictures that you want to display

key/secret: mandatory, AstroBin API key/secret, see description

number of pictures: mandatory, 1 or more. Pictures are ordered by uploaded time; the first picture is the most recent one.

size of picture: optional, permit to resize the pictures. The value default, applied when the zone is blank, is the original size of the AstroBin thumbnail, 168x168 or 184x184 pixels

number of pictures per row: optional, insert html tags </p><p> to force a new paragraph after the specified number of pictures



This widget is a free software under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE V3

Note, provider of this plugin, is not linked in any way to AstroBin and to Wordpress.
In consequence, there is no guarantee with the widget performance.


To Salvatore, the founder of the fantastic site AstroBin, and his help for using AstroBin API.

To Jean-Charles and Laurent for rereading this pages.


If you want to report a bug or seek help, you can contact me via mail:
If you have time, I shall be glad to receive your visit on my site.

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